Automatic Single-beam 3D Cinema System


1、A highly integrated design facilitates quick and convenient installation and maintenance.
2、Advanced TMS is available. 3D cinema system automatically detects projector status and automatically adjusts 2D/3D mode to realize a completely automatic projection that is unattended.
3、Independently developed liquid material is applied. Response time is less than 150 µs and produces a frame rate as high as 60 fps or above to make the frames smooth.
4、Unique metal preprocessing improves the resistance of Polar Screen to glare. It is difficult for it to overheat, even after long running times, and performs reliably while avoiding screen burns..
5、At a global leading level, our Polar Screen realizes a 40% light transmittance, which produces greater clarity, brightness, and rich colors for 3D frames.
6、Through a high-temperature vacuum, a layer of tight molecular film is formed on the glass surface. The film can resist most oil stains, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
7、A super wear-resistant chemical coating is layered on the surface of Polar Screen. It improves glass hardness to 9H to make the glass resistant to wear and scratches as well as impervious to damage.
8、It does not have a cooling fan. This prevents dust aggregation caused by cooling fans, keeping Polar Screen cleaner.


Turbo Screen

Polarizer Dimensions

234*211*25 mm

Optical Principle

Circular Polarization

Light Transmittance


Light Efficiency


Contrast Ratio


Ghosting Rate


Supported Frame Rate

24/48/60 fps

Surface Hardness


Surface Oil Resistance


Surface Metal Preprocessing


2D/3D Intelligent Switchover (TMS)


One-click Transposition of Left and Right Picture


Silver Screen

Gain Coefficient


Polarization Contrast


Digital Projector

Supported Brands


Supported Luminance