MS 200 2-Kanal-Hauptstation

CP100 Speaker/Main Station for one channel

The COM-PAC speaker station CP 100 provides all necessary and important intercom functions and connectors in a compact housing of just 1 U hight. The speaker can be switched off, to allow operation as a main station

The unit may be freely positioned or it can be rack- or wall mounted with optional mounting hardware. When using the CP 100 as a speaker station, power will be supplied by a master station, either MS 100 or MS 200.

When used as a small station an optional external power supply may be used. Here are the two options:
1. With the RS1 power supply, up to four belt packs can be operated with the CP 100 (rear RJ11 receptacle).
2. Power supply axxent PS 100, connecting directly into the intercom cables. The PS 100 powers up to six stations.