COMBOXfront view

COMBOXrear view

Intercom main station

COMBOX. is a unique intercom main station combined with a high performance powered loudspeaker. It allows very loud and intelligible voice reproduction as well as program material combined with all intercom station functions.
It may be used with any conventional dynamic headset or dynamic microphone. Its sound pressure level is high enough (up to 115 dB peak) to be heard in noisy stage environments.
COMBOX. is also ideal for use in artists wardrobes or backstage and enables personnel or artists to be heard on the intercom. If you use several together, you use one as a master and all the others as slave stations. If you use the COMBOX. together with other intercom master stations, you will have to switch the COMBOX. to slave position.

• FeaturesSelf-powered speaker for up to 115 dB SPL.
• Frequency response shaped for high intelligibility.
• Loudspeaker may be muted.
• Partyline intercom functions with all typical features.
• CALL light with ultra-bright LED and yellow CALL PTT button; Piezo buzzer – LED and buzzer switchable.
• Use of headset possible, front connection.
• Instead of headset, dynamic microphone may be used.
• All connection between stations via standard xlr micro-phone cables.
• As a main station, the COMBOX. provides several other intercom components, such as belt packs, call lights etc. with the necessary power.
• Balanced program input for monitoring purposes or to be fed into the intercom signal.
• Wedge design with two angles, table top use or on the floor, 3/8” thread for microphone stands.
• Wooden side bars may be taken off and be replaced by 19” rack mount.
• Universal power supply for use between 100 to 250 VAC.


Frequency response Microphone: 160-20,000 Hz/-6 dB, shaped for intelligibility
Loudspeaker: 220-15,000 Hz +/-6 dBMaximum
Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 115 dB when speaking loud into a connected intercom beltpack headset
THD <0.1%; S/N: >80 dB
Power Amplification 20 W
Signal light LED white, 80 lm
Connectors Front: headset connector 4 pin xlr for headsets with dynamic microphone cartridge
Rear: balanced program input, line level, 3 pin xlr Intercom Connection: partyline standard 3 pin xlr parallel in and out
Microphone connection: bal. 3 pin xlr with gain control
Side-Tone recessed potentiometer on rear side
Power connection IEC power connector
Fuse 1.6 A slow blow, 5×20 mm
Power Switch Robust rocker switch
Power Supply internal – 100 V through 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 31 watts
Stand mount 3/8” thread for microphone stands
Dimensions 280 x 170 x 140 mm
Net weight 3.65 kg without AC power cable